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Top Sellers

  • GrillSymbol Wok Pro-675

    Ideally suitable for using in an outside kitchen, on a campfire or on a gas burner.
    With the aid of the Wok-solution 675, it is possible to use a frying pan set as a wok set. Adapter that belongs to the set makes the wind protection higher.
    Suitable for the models GS 720/ GS 720 inox.

    195.00 Add to cart
  • GrillSymbol Wok-Solution 545

    Deep steel WOK-pan with curved bottom is mainly meant for preparing Asian dishes. It has very good cooking features. Different woks, soups, like Tom Kha, Tom Yum, and many other dishes can be prepared quickly thanks to a powerful gas burner. Since the 54cm wok is more efficient and faster than most fritters, it suits perfectly for fritting – spring rolls, tempura, fish and chips, falafels, chicken wings, onion and calamari rings, etc.
    Suitable for the models Pro 580/ Pro 580 inox.

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  • GrillSymbol Chef Charcoal BBQ

    Chef charcoal grills represent a combination of the good old classics and contemporary materials. Familiar and classical shape, practical details and modern materials. The materials have been used as they would have been back in the good old days and no expense has been spared! The casing of the grill has been made from 3mm Cor-Ten steel that maintains a stable temperature throughout grilling. What is more awesome, however, is the 8mm steel grill grate – all for the purpose of a perfect barbecuing experience. The reddish-brown colour of the casing has been matched with stainless steel details. As such, this grill is not simply a great grill, but a grill that stands out amongst others owing to its eye-catching appearance. Cor-ten and stainless steel are weatherproof materials – the Chef grill awaits you 365 days a year, outdoors and in every imaginable weather.

    650.00 Add to cart
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